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America, You Cheap Slut – PPP #21 The Purple Pill Podcast

America has become a dirty dirty slut dragon. I am here to cure those of us who are not slut dragons of all associated sluttishness. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thepurplepillpodcast/message
  1. America, You Cheap Slut – PPP #21
  2. One Minute of Brain Washing
  3. The Town Crier & The King – PPP #20
  4. Biden's Mandatory Vaccination Requirements Set New Precedent For Top Down Government Controls
  5. No Taxation Without Representation *Sips Tea* – PPP # 18

“Under the influence of scientific assumptions, not only the psyche but the individual man and, indeed, all individual events whatsoever suffer a levelling down and a process of blurring that distorts the picture of reality into a conceptual average. We ought not to underestimate the psychological effect of the statistical world-picture: it thrusts aside the individual in favour of anonymous units that pile up into mass formations…”

Carl Jung

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