The Forms of Human Formation

Philosophy Of Human Formation: I believe that people are of a particular kind because of the simple processes of nature. It is our natural inclination to try to take on the forms of that which exists before us. It is what has established the ability for us to exist up until this point, so it would follow, that we are naturally inclined to take on those forms ourselves. Its also obvious when you observe in contrast, the result of a child who was born to the family he’s raised by and one who was raised by adopted parents. The child will automatically resemble their birth-parents in appearance, but in character, they will be much more like the parents who raised them. I believe every man of a trustworthy character must establish a consistent philosophy in at least the category of

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One Method, Hold the Discourse

One Method… “Each problem that I solved became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems” -Rene Descartes I was having a conversation with some friends the other day and as we discussed the benefits of a one track mind, I thought of the above concept. I was having trouble explaining the relevance of the statement to the topic being discussed and found out that this concept will only make sense written, if at all. Since spoken word is not easily reference-able, it is difficult to explain a complex rule without writing it down. So here is my written explanation of how concepts are created, how they are employed, and the benefits of a one track mind. Having a one track mind allows for the establishment of a rule outside of the scope of language. There are not words

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