Governments Are Pimps

Governments are pimps. The institutions are like the bottom bitch you see. They make sure the other bitches stay in line and don’t ask too many questions. The corporations are the hoes and the hoes gotta bring in money for the pimp otherwise these hoes don’t get the protection of the pimp. The hoes aren’t allowed to stop paying though. They already owe back pay for all the protection they been receiving you see. But if they bring the pimp some good money, maybe the pimp will buy them something nice. Like a tax cut or some deregulation for example. Cuz the pimp knows how to treat em right you see. He takes care of his hoes. So he’ll show em some love for staying in line. But the Pimp holds all the money and these hoes better not forget

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The Fatal Flaw of the Public Education System

“Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” – The public education system is in urgent need of reform. What was once an institution tasked with the goal of teaching well-established ideas and helping students understand how to utilize them in the real world, is now a compulsory slave-making machine. The primary goal of the public education system should be to teach students how to most effectively communicate with the broader world in a way that suits their own interests. This is why schools teach various math and language classes and social studies as well. These are all forms of communication that are intended to help students learn how to interact with people in a way that is beneficial to their own or mutual interests. Modern schools fail

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