Order and Chaos (2) – The Mathematical Universe Beyond Numbers

Human will is the manifestation of God. This is obvious, even for a non-believer. It is the desire inherent in all of us to create order out of something disorderly. It is, by purely physical description, corpus callosum. But the parts must fit. Just like in math, when new equations are created, they always reference the previous ones. Math comes out of universal truth, where two manifested parts create an understood outcome and another pulls on each independently to create a new whole out of the previous parts. The third element looks at the universe and takes in new variable information. Its the taste tester essentially. There are always three parts in a sense. The first two parts are the answer to the equation which we already understand. We use these two parts to maintain consistency and predictability. This way

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Order and Chaos (1) In the Metaphysical Universe

Order and Chaos… I am forced to wonder if we are not already living in heaven on Earth. I mean this in the most literal of senses. How could it be that a society could rise up to erect such high respect for the human life and union of its species, out of the ashes of war? It appears to be the result of free-flowing ideas held into an organized structure. That is, that all ideas are considered until they provoke disorganized action. I can see no better way to live. It is interesting that in the past humans have formed ideas of the next stage of higher living to be outside of our perceivable universe, that is in death. Why can we not construct this living idea here and now? We seem to have all the means to create

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One Method, Hold the Discourse

One Method… “Each problem that I solved became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems” -Rene Descartes I was having a conversation with some friends the other day and as we discussed the benefits of a one track mind, I thought of the above concept. I was having trouble explaining the relevance of the statement to the topic being discussed and found out that this concept will only make sense written, if at all. Since spoken word is not easily reference-able, it is difficult to explain a complex rule without writing it down. So here is my written explanation of how concepts are created, how they are employed, and the benefits of a one track mind. Having a one track mind allows for the establishment of a rule outside of the scope of language. There are not words

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