Governments Are Pimps

Governments are pimps. The institutions are like the bottom bitch you see. They make sure the other bitches stay in line and don’t ask too many questions. The corporations are the hoes and the hoes gotta bring in money for the pimp otherwise these hoes don’t get the protection of the pimp. The hoes aren’t allowed to stop paying though. They already owe back pay for all the protection they been receiving you see. But if they bring the pimp some good money, maybe the pimp will buy them something nice. Like a tax cut or some deregulation for example. Cuz the pimp knows how to treat em right you see. He takes care of his hoes. So he’ll show em some love for staying in line. But the Pimp holds all the money and these hoes better not forget it. These hoes start thinking they can keep the Pimp’s money, they gone get a lesson. The bottom bitch is gonna go get the Pimp’s money whether these hoes wanna pay up or not. If the bottom bitch can’t find the money, the Pimp hits up his gang and gets some young bloods to find it for him. These are the cops you see. No doubt, the Pimps gonna makes sure these hoes can’t hide from him. They try to hit up another pimp, that pimp is gonna know that this hoe’s already got a pimp. Pimps don’t want no trouble with other Pimps you see because that gets in the way of the bottom line. The pimp can’t be keeping these hoes in line and making that motha fucking money if he’s busy trying to whack another pimp and making sure he don’t get whacked by the other pimp first. No pimp is gonna step on another Pimp’s turf without paying up first or they gon have problems. So these pimps try to have an understanding with each other not to fuck around by interfering with each others bidness. Governments Are Pimps…

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