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The Town Crier & The King – PPP #20 The Purple Pill Podcast

Brief:  Donald Trump has never been a good presidential candidate. I am not Trump bashing. I have encountered a lot of Trump supporters and talked to some of them extensively about their views. The overwhelming theme is that they do not actually like Trump. They tolerate him, and vote for him as a middle finger to the current political climate.    Today's episode is the first episode of what will eventually become a larger series about role models in our society. I look around and see very few candidates if I'm being honest. What does it mean to be a good role model? Where have all of them been lately? Why have they gone? Were they ever here to begin with? How do we create some for our society? These are some of the questions I will attempt to answer in future episodes of the series.   Today I focus on some of the "models" that are currently offered to us and question their legitimacy. What are these models qualifications to be a mold for our young people? It turns out, in our society, the primary qualification is to be a bold faced liar. One must also have the quality of unyielding arrogance. A nice pinch of "holier than thou" speaking ability seems to help as well. The models for our society are those who do not back down after being caught in the act of deception. They just wade through the waves until people forget that they cannot be trusted.    Its time we stop allowing those who cannot be trusted back into our minds. Block them out. Permanently delete them. They are poisonous and we can do better for each other.   Red and Blue pills have fried our brains & sent us into the matrix of idiocracy. Take the Purple Pill to get out. Or better yet, stop taking pills from strangers.   Social Links:  Twitter: Facebook: Website: Email: — Send in a voice message:
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