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While we were complaining about having just run out of beer, we stumbled across several stashes of Coors light that were buried in the sand along the beach of a nearby lake. We discovered the first two and already felt blessed. As we continued to walk along the beach, we found 3 more of these 2-beer stashes totaling 8 treasure beers for the night.
I would like to say that Rory doesn’t usually get this high, but who would believe me?
Austin and I climbed the second tallest mountain in Yosemite with just our Tennis shoes in the snow
At least he had running shoes on. Mine were made for Skateboarding
Here is a better look at the shoes i was wearing
Austin sure does know how to take it easy in nature
Austin thinks Hes cool here because he is standing over a straight down 80 feet certain death drop with Tom Cruise like confidence
Oh, the days of TenTree. This was during Rory and my 2-week van life quest to see all of the national parks in the western half of the United States when we were 18*
Who carries soda on a hike?
I had a full wardrobe of professional clothes with me so that Rory could take classy headshots of me. I wanted to look like a professional businessman who also appreciated nature. Now I actually am those things and I find this thing I did here kind of tacky in retrospect.
Still like the photos though
I mean come on though I clearly had style even as a youngster ;P
June lake is gorgeous + I always thought my back and tris looked hot in this one.
Look at that those tan lines… and those pecks… I was just a baby. A Yolked… Yolked ass baby….
Where did this classy scoundrel come from? This is the wild Pokémon I used my master ball on. No regrets. He is probably the only person in the world who might not get that joke too which makes this caption even better.
They call me Danger.
This is exactly as cool as it looks.
How did I never get laid back then?
Austin is truly a majestic billy-goat beast
Real talk
Tough Mudder 2016!
Steven definitely got the looks in the family. What a punk!
Blue Steel . . .
I had really weird style at this time. Fortunately, no one can look bad standing over Crater Lake in Oregon.
Believe it or not, Rory is not in fact floating in this picture. No matter what he tells you. Jesus can’t be blond so . . .
A very pretty lake at one of the more secluded campgrounds we stayed at during our drive through Washington state (Rory and Just Van-venture)
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