Paradigm Shift Afoot: Time To Demonstrate

A paradigm shift is underway on a global scale. The United States is beginning to deescalate its active military presence in the Middle East. I want to make you aware of an urgent opportunity that these actions present to the people of the United States. It is of utmost importance for the sake of our civil liberties that we demand the reversal of emergency war powers granted to government agencies in response to the 9/11 attacks. We were complacent and forgot the oldest facet of government, demand an inch and steal a mile. Edward Snowden revealed in 2012 that the patriot act was responsible for allowing government agencies to engage in sweeping surveillance on not just suspected terrorists, but any US citizen as well. Spying on Americans has always been explicitly illegal but it was done anyways as a means

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Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety

Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin Quote About Liberty And Safety ( Below is the most disturbing video I have ever seen of the modern day. In a single day he gets 10s of individuals to sign a petition that is fundamentally immoral and authoritarian. Some of them sign without even taking the time to read it.

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Mandate Primary School Financial Education

Public education is failing. People are struggling to find jobs even when there are plenty available. Even some with notable academic achievements are finding themselves unfulfilled, underpaid, and unsuccessful at their jobs. So many people in this country are financially hopeless without the help of government intervention. Finance is the single most important discipline to understand in the modern world. Being literate is great, but being financially literate means you can be independently successful. No one in America in 2021 is going to pay someone to read something for them. Learning to read was a valuable skill when it was rare. Now it is more or less ubiquitous. Which is why no one will pay you to read to them. In order to make competitive incomes you have to do something that you can do for cheaper than others, do

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Third Eye Blind

In the featured image of this post you see the back side of a dollar bill. On it is a symbol matching the back side of the great seal. As you can see the image shows a floating triangle above an unfinished pyramid. The idea behind this design was that “God favors our undertakings”. The triangle with the eye in it represents god. He floats above an unfinished pyramid because he favors our growth. He favors our growth starting with 1776 indicated by the Roman Numerals at the base of the pyramid. The pyramid remains eternally unfinished as man can never achieve the feats of God. What is unfortunate about the seal is that it fails to recognize its own true symbolic meaning. The eye in the triangle floats above the pyramid because it represents the noble and wise leaders

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