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Mission and Important Disclosures

Mission and Important Disclosures In case there has been any ambiguity about what this show is all about i want to clarify that for you now. This channel is meant to paint an abstract picture of a series of events and ideas which are loosely but inextricably linked within the moving machine that is our society. I seek to ask questions and make real, tangible, and credibly sourced connections towards uncovering the secrets behind our reality. My goal is to discover and share with you the keys to understanding our institutional structures primarily. I am intent on making people aware of the things that aren’t widely promoted about our society but are important to know. America under the surface in other words. i want to be clear that this is not a conspiracy theory channel and if anyone tells you

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The Colossal Bubble Created & Ignored By Currency Conspirators

            Before the stock market crash of 2008, a series of financial events preempted its downfall. Starting in 2006 there was a noticeable drop in the price of homes after an unprecedented boom in the market. The boom was actually a colossal bubble created by the government in the early 2000s when they legislated away financial regulations that kept individuals from borrowing more than they could payback. This made homes more easily affordable to average citizens, but at what cost?             During the early 2000s, financial institutions slid by regulators and issued loans to people with no way of paying them back. The rouse was kept alive by a series of banking trades that allowed people to take out debt which long outweighed typical limitations in borrowing capabilities. Before the crisis, more and more individuals and companies took on debt

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