Governments Are Pimps

Governments are pimps. The institutions are like the bottom bitch you see. They make sure the other bitches stay in line and don’t ask too many questions. The corporations are the hoes and the hoes gotta bring in money for the pimp otherwise these hoes don’t get the protection of the pimp. The hoes aren’t allowed to stop paying though. They already owe back pay for all the protection they been receiving you see. But if they bring the pimp some good money, maybe the pimp will buy them something nice. Like a tax cut or some deregulation for example. Cuz the pimp knows how to treat em right you see. He takes care of his hoes. So he’ll show em some love for staying in line. But the Pimp holds all the money and these hoes better not forget

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Jimmy Dore, a comedian turned journalist turned podcast host, is putting the democratic party’s feet to the fire by creating a political campaign called #ForceTheVote in order to get medicare for all onto the house floor. He wants the most hardline left wing members of the democratic party to withhold their vote to reinstate Nancy Pelosi to her current position as Speaker of the House if she does not bring a vote on Medicare for All to the house floor. Most of the progressive members of the democratic party ran on Medicare for All and Jimmy is singling out 15 of them who he feels have a responsibility to do this if they are authentic regarding their campaign promises. The reasoning behind the idea is that whether the bill passes or not, members of congress left and right would have

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Statewide Curfew

According to the Sacramento Bee “Due to surging coronavirus numbers in California, 39 of the state’s 58 counties were demoted to more strict COVID-19 tiers, 28 moving to purple, requiring businesses to close for indoor operations”. His public comments miscommunicated this order to the public, initially sparking concerns that this statewide curfew applies to everyone. According to quotes pulled from Fox Business news, In a press conference, Governor Gavin Newsom said he is considering statewide curfews due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in California. The narrative from the associated press had a slightly less dystopian vibe to it. They say “Newsom said he was also strengthening a mask requirement outside of homes with limited exceptions, and he was considering a curfew on business hours.” Fox Business clarifies later in the article that he was referring to businesses and

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The Colossal Bubble Created & Ignored By Currency Conspirators

            Before the stock market crash of 2008, a series of financial events preempted its downfall. Starting in 2006 there was a noticeable drop in the price of homes after an unprecedented boom in the market. The boom was actually a colossal bubble created by the government in the early 2000s when they legislated away financial regulations that kept individuals from borrowing more than they could payback. This made homes more easily affordable to average citizens, but at what cost?             During the early 2000s, financial institutions slid by regulators and issued loans to people with no way of paying them back. The rouse was kept alive by a series of banking trades that allowed people to take out debt which long outweighed typical limitations in borrowing capabilities. Before the crisis, more and more individuals and companies took on debt

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