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Mission and Important Disclosures

Mission and Important Disclosures In case there has been any ambiguity about what this show is all about i want to clarify that for you now. This channel is meant to paint an abstract picture of a series of events and ideas which are loosely but inextricably linked within the moving machine that is our society. I seek to ask questions and make real, tangible, and credibly sourced connections towards uncovering the secrets behind our reality. My goal is to discover and share with you the keys to understanding our institutional structures primarily. I am intent on making people aware of the things that aren’t widely promoted about our society but are important to know. America under the surface in other words. i want to be clear that this is not a conspiracy theory channel and if anyone tells you

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Daryl Davis Has Shown the World Something Incredible

Understanding people before judging them is a rare characteristic. Daryl Davis changed the world by showing us that even people who are filled with hatred can learn to love when they are shown the world from a new perspective. People want to be good, but the world tells us that others are bad. Which can make our primal instincts go into defense mode. When this happens it can cause us to adopt ideologies that are misguided and cruel. Daryl Davis shows us that we can change people’s minds when we take the time to listen before we judge.

Leadership and Influence

Preface: Let me start off by saying that leadership is not a born talent. As James Humes, a presidential speechwriter says, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” And just like any other language, it can be learned through an understanding of its most well-established principles, and of course, patient practice. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unheard, foggy-minded, or any other way that makes you hesitate before you take a step, leadership is a skill that you will benefit from practicing. I’m not coming up here to make a monotone bore of a speech. I came up with this speech specifically with this class in mind to address some communication issues I observe many of you as well as myself have. Teaching leadership usually comes in the form of understanding an outside perspective of what leaders

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The Forms of Human Formation

Philosophy Of Human Formation: I believe that people are of a particular kind because of the simple processes of nature. It is our natural inclination to try to take on the forms of that which exists before us. It is what has established the ability for us to exist up until this point, so it would follow, that we are naturally inclined to take on those forms ourselves. Its also obvious when you observe in contrast, the result of a child who was born to the family he’s raised by and one who was raised by adopted parents. The child will automatically resemble their birth-parents in appearance, but in character, they will be much more like the parents who raised them. I believe every man of a trustworthy character must establish a consistent philosophy in at least the category of

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