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Mission and Important Disclosures

Mission and Important Disclosures In case there has been any ambiguity about what this show is all about i want to clarify that for you now. This channel is meant to paint an abstract picture of a series of events and ideas which are loosely but inextricably linked within the moving machine that is our society. I seek to ask questions and make real, tangible, and credibly sourced connections towards uncovering the secrets behind our reality. My goal is to discover and share with you the keys to understanding our institutional structures primarily. I am intent on making people aware of the things that aren’t widely promoted about our society but are important to know. America under the surface in other words. i want to be clear that this is not a conspiracy theory channel and if anyone tells you

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More In Common…

This man perfectly encapsulates the idea behind the Purple Pill. Our political enemies are actually just our fellow citizens who are rightfully dissatisfied with the way our country is being run. Whether you lean red or blue, most people today want the government to change the status quo. The media and monied interests have segregated the majority of our citizens from the power centers of our country and now there is widespread disillusionment as a result. The sources that provide us with information have been peddling talking points to intentionally divide us. Whether their motivations were based on malice or profit, they have planted terribly destructive seeds in our society. The American people are at each other’s throats. This is an unproductive mentality for average people to hold. Like the man in this video says, we have more in common

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Jimmy Dore, a comedian turned journalist turned podcast host, is putting the democratic party’s feet to the fire by creating a political campaign called #ForceTheVote in order to get medicare for all onto the house floor. He wants the most hardline left wing members of the democratic party to withhold their vote to reinstate Nancy Pelosi to her current position as Speaker of the House if she does not bring a vote on Medicare for All to the house floor. Most of the progressive members of the democratic party ran on Medicare for All and Jimmy is singling out 15 of them who he feels have a responsibility to do this if they are authentic regarding their campaign promises. The reasoning behind the idea is that whether the bill passes or not, members of congress left and right would have

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