Daryl Davis Has Shown the World Something Incredible

Understanding people before judging them is a rare characteristic. Daryl Davis changed the world by showing us that even people who are filled with hatred can learn to love when they are shown the world from a new perspective. People want to be good, but the world tells us that others are bad. Which can make our primal instincts go into defense mode. When this happens it can cause us to adopt ideologies that are misguided and cruel. Daryl Davis shows us that we can change people’s minds when we take the time to listen before we judge.

More In Common…

This man perfectly encapsulates the idea behind the Purple Pill. Our political enemies are actually just our fellow citizens who are rightfully dissatisfied with the way our country is being run. Whether you lean red or blue, most people today want the government to change the status quo. The media and monied interests have segregated the majority of our citizens from the power centers of our country and now there is widespread disillusionment as a result. The sources that provide us with information have been peddling talking points to intentionally divide us. Whether their motivations were based on malice or profit, they have planted terribly destructive seeds in our society. The American people are at each other’s throats. This is an unproductive mentality for average people to hold. Like the man in this video says, we have more in common

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Statewide Curfew

According to the Sacramento Bee “Due to surging coronavirus numbers in California, 39 of the state’s 58 counties were demoted to more strict COVID-19 tiers, 28 moving to purple, requiring businesses to close for indoor operations”. His public comments miscommunicated this order to the public, initially sparking concerns that this statewide curfew applies to everyone. According to quotes pulled from Fox Business news, In a press conference, Governor Gavin Newsom said he is considering statewide curfews due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in California. The narrative from the associated press had a slightly less dystopian vibe to it. They say “Newsom said he was also strengthening a mask requirement outside of homes with limited exceptions, and he was considering a curfew on business hours.” Fox Business clarifies later in the article that he was referring to businesses and

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