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The Fatal Flaw of the Public Education System

“Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” – Ed.gov The public education system is in urgent need of reform. What was once an institution tasked with the goal of teaching well-established ideas and helping students understand how to utilize them in the real world, is now a compulsory slave-making machine. The primary goal of the public education system should be to teach students how to most effectively communicate with the broader world in a way that suits their own interests. This is why schools teach various math and language classes and social studies as well. These are all forms of communication that are intended to help students learn how to interact with people in a way that is beneficial to their own or mutual interests. Modern schools fail

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Farce In Academia

The very purpose of academia is to dive deep into ideologies of a particular kind. This can be a dangerous recipe in our world. People are required to specialize, yet the nature of man is to look for first principals. First PRINCIPLES are not truly first principles in academia. Academia requires loose connections between cause and effect with huge gaps of incomprehensible variables in between. When the relationship between differing parts of the universe are established on this basis, they are not indisputable timeless facts. They may work for now, but if I may steal one of the academy’s ideas, the universe is constantly changing. Just because you can observe a large picture of cause and effect, doesn’t mean you understand the inner parts of things which creates the cause and effect. Ideologies, academia, these are the same things. These

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One Method, Hold the Discourse

One Method… “Each problem that I solved became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems” -Rene Descartes I was having a conversation with some friends the other day and as we discussed the benefits of a one track mind, I thought of the above concept. I was having trouble explaining the relevance of the statement to the topic being discussed and found out that this concept will only make sense written, if at all. Since spoken word is not easily reference-able, it is difficult to explain a complex rule without writing it down. So here is my written explanation of how concepts are created, how they are employed, and the benefits of a one track mind. Having a one track mind allows for the establishment of a rule outside of the scope of language. There are not words

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