This society has lost its marbles…

We keep trying to grab them and bring them back into a solid circle, but alas they evade us.

The marbles of our society prefer to roll solo.

Each identity is so unique that we can’t even understand each other anymore.

We try to speak to each other and reason with each other.

We are already so deeply entrenched in our own worldview that we are just mumbling responses back and forth to each other based on what we think the other person is saying, even though we never really understand them.

So we throw our hands up and say well, they’ll just never get it.


This is the hard part… uh oh.

It’s easy to criticize.

It’s a lot harder to come up with a solution and successfully implement it yourself.

The solution is to truly hear people, to understand where their point of view stems from. All the way to its very first principle.

It’s easier said than done that’s true

If you have the patience you will come out of the experience with more knowledge of life than you came with.

You may also teach a thing or two.

If you understand where people come from, in nearly every instance you will understand and appreciate them for who they are today.

Just because you understand and appreciate a person for who they are today doesn’t mean they can’t be even better tomorrow.

The same way you could be better tomorrow if you try.

So convince them of your view and let them convince you of theirs.

Understand one and other and we will never fight again.

When we talk past each other, there will never be peace.

We must both speak and listen, hear, and be heard.

Listen to your marbles, speak and be heard!