Third Eye Blind

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In the featured image of this post you see the back side of a dollar bill. On it is a symbol matching the back side of the great seal. As you can see the image shows a floating triangle above an unfinished pyramid. The idea behind this design was that “God favors our undertakings”. The triangle with the eye in it represents god. He floats above an unfinished pyramid because he favors our growth. He favors our growth starting with 1776 indicated by the Roman Numerals at the base of the pyramid. The pyramid remains eternally unfinished as man can never achieve the feats of God. What is unfortunate about the seal is that it fails to recognize its own true symbolic meaning. The eye in the triangle floats above the pyramid because it represents the noble and wise leaders of our nation. These leaders have achieved such profound wisdom regarding the ways of the world that only they can truly see where the next brick of the pyramid needs to be laid. They don’t actually exist on the pyramid itself. They float above it, watching over it, and guiding it higher towards God with magnetic forces of words and actions. Like angels they are the wings that pull us higher towards the ideal that is God. Today, such noble and wise leaders are losing the ability to float above the unfinished pyramid. They have fallen onto the exterior of the structure. It is because God is rejecting them. Those who are the most wise and supposedly noble amongst us have in fact strayed from their sacred mission. Rather than facilitating the further growth of the pyramid, they search the pyramid for cracks frantically. They are literally like crack addicts. They try to protect this worldly structure that will inevitably eventually turn to dust like everything else. Perhaps the intention here is noble, but its effects are not. What is worst about being addicted to cracks is that it causes you to search for trouble in places where it is unlikely to exist creating more damage in places where there previously was none. In other words being addicted to crack causes one to drill into the foundation to find the source of a crack so the structure can be repaired. These days our crack addicted nobles dig so deep into the pyramid searching for cracks that were never there that they have created the greatest structural crack in the pyramid that has ever existed. The structural damage of this single crack far surpasses the damage caused by natural cracks that the government successfully or unsuccessfully filled along the way. They have divided the lines between the bricks of our people causing infighting between the bricks and increasing the length of the rifts in our foundation. We will all crumble if our leaders do not stop searching for cracks.

This analogy is my way of pointing out that the security state, though its intentions certainly seem noble, is actually the greatest threat to our structural foundations. It wants to provide safety and lasting prosperity, but instead it rapidly turns the people within the walls of our society against the society itself causing it to rupture increasingly faster. We must stop the nobles who pretend to speak for God while tearing our holy walls apart.