The Media! Rantings of a Purple Person

The reason the democratic party is hated by a large majority of the country is that they are notoriously hypocritical and refuse to accept accountability for their hypocrisy. Republicans are often hypocrites too and are rightfully hated for it as well. The difference is that republicans stay quieter about it so even if they are corrupt we can just take it as we see it. When democrats loudly criticize their opposition with their buzz words and then get caught engaging in the very behavior they were criticizing, it makes them look like dirty schemers. By default it makes the republicans look better because you think “hey well at least they don’t deny their corruption”. It makes them seem more trustworthy than democrats. Even though the republican is still often corrupt!

The democrats use all these catch all words in order to emotionally motivate people to vote for them but people have no idea what they are actually voting for. Just because a democrat is fighting for gay rights doesn’t mean there is anyone even opposing them on that matter. But they can use that to get elected and then with their newfound position engage in highly influential economic policymaking without having first run the actual plan by any of their constituents. It makes people feel lied to and manipulated. People can disagree with you and still like you. Its when you start acting shady that people get all amped up about everything. Republicans are guilty of all of this too but its blatantly obvious with the democratic party at least with members from my state of California and New York in particular. What makes it particularly disturbing is how collaborative it looks between the majority of our news organizations. They all mostly follow highly similar narratives despite being separate legal entities.. Rather than these organizations reporting competing facts, they report democratic narratives which push forward the underlying and mostly unspoken agendas held by democratic officials. Most people can just smell it if you know what i mean.

To the democrats’ credit they are a bit better at being quiet about the collaboration of their one sidedness. its hard to find any directly evident collaborative activity between these democratic organizations. They don’t collude quite as closely as the republicans seem to in terms of their narrative shaping. Its just more natural to be one-sided for democrats i assume because they are typically open minded, idealistic, and psychologically openness trait dominant, making all of their differing abstract ideals appear as exactly the same thing because they don’t no how to criticize something outside themselves unless it is as clear as day that it is something detestable. Which is why the democrats always talk about race and other forms of discrimination. That stuff is clearly detestable and democratic voters and news watchers want something to detest. So they will take any abstraction as an immediate threat to respond to even though its not even a reality in their own life. Otherwise why would they target the whole country with that kind of messaging rather than just the places seeing those problems? It makes people more suspicious of each other and more likely to get amped up to vote. They can’t actually fight a threat that is not there but they feel the need to somehow so they put anyone in office who will throw fancy buzz word sympathies their way about the issue. Even if that person does nothing about the problem and his or her pockets are so deeply lined by monied institutions that you can see the coins dropping as they walk, people will vote for them anyways just because of some of these buzz words they use.

I think these democratic news organizations are secretly republicans personally because their coverage of what a republican is actually doing is scarce. They report only on things that republicans say and the possible ideological intentions behind the words they use. They don’t actually discuss and properly criticize the use of power by these officials because they are too focused on the idea of an abstract conspiracy. The news should just be essentially reading the bills that politicians promote and highlighting and summarizing the direct measurable changes they will create in a digestible way. That would require integrity and self reflection. Unfortunately, these people seem by and large incapable of having personal standards and reflecting on the consequences of their own actions.

Everyone is so angered by this stuff that were all throwing punches but nothing is landing because there is nothing that can actually be hit by us. It just makes people even more frustrated because they are made to care about something and told they need to act on it, but there is no outlet to actually have influence towards what they would like to achieve. They can vote and criticize people counter productively. That is all. The media acts like its everyone’s responsibility to think and act upon every little injustice and its making us all look like were one of those meth-heads fighting ghosts as they cross the street. The problem never seems to get solved no matter how much effort they put in attempting to fix it. The adrenaline generated by mindless hate is more likely to get people to pay attention to news narratives than positive and productive information ever could so news people use it despite the consequences. They have no integrity or are failing to understand their responsibility to the stability of our society.

Republicans don’t even hide how much they disregard the broader opinion of the public. Or it at least seems like it considering the otherwise idiotic ways some republican organizations have presented the news in the past. Republican media is not competitive against itself at all making its messaging look even more manipulative than the democrats just because of how clearly one sided it is. What’s worse though is that they get caught being pretty extraordinarily dumb sometimes and it makes anyone who prefers their media to the democratic media look like a mindless kook for continuing to listen to it. Here is an example. Sinclair’s Soldiers in Trump’s War on Media – YouTube.

The democratic party is the party of movement no matter the consequences and the republican party is the party of staying stubbornly stuck in the mud no matter the consequences. Instead of thinking of creative ways to move forward safely, republicans plant their feet so firmly in the ground that democrats, needing to move somewhere, tie the republicans feet up to the back of a car and step on the gas so hard and fast that they fail to see the big ass semi truck they’re about to pull us all out in front of.

Every day the democratic news media fills the presses with hyperbole disguised as valuable information. It is a major reason why half of the country is so upset at our media apparatuses and are losing broader institutional trust. People feel mislead and opinion fed. Yet the same people who are destroying trust and causing people to act crazy get up every morning to point the finger at someone else for why everyone is acting so crazy. Namely our politicians. Its not the criticism of the politicians that is the problem though. It is the finger pointing and yelling from the back of the room that upsets people. The people are trying to understand what some elected official believes and how they will act in office and they end up with a jumbled mess of information because some talking head had to get in his time in the limelight to feed his sense of self importance no matter how counterproductive his input may be. Instead of letting the politicians speak and then following up with them to hold them accountable to their words, they just douse every fire they start with an ad hominem attack which entirely dismisses whoever they are talking about. It labels them as a delegitimate person with delegitimate opinions by default. All it does is cause people to defend someone who they otherwise might not defend. People dislike unfair attacks and when they know an attack is unfair it makes them like and empathize with the person being attacked regardless of what any of their actual policy stances are. Real journalism would mean following up to check for consistency between a politicians words and their actions. Repackaging what other people think and selling it to the public for the sake of a particular agenda is called lobbying. its premeditated deception to disguise your intentions with all these buzz words the media and politicians use so frequently. They ideologically categorize people and then criticize their beliefs as if everyone who holds those beliefs does so for the same dark reason. Its throwing people out of the way because their opposition is inconvenient.

Democracy is about debate and convincing compromise. The way our politicians and media apparatuses are acting is antidemocratic at its core and could easily be defined as some form of weak authoritarianism. It is a childish way of thinking and it is clearly directly correlated with the cultural rifts developing rapidly amongst our population. They are causing infighting and hindering our productivity, prosperity, and ability to achieve personal fulfillment. Ironically all of the things they typically pretend to be advocates for. When there is always another boogie man the nightmare never ends and you can never just relax under your fig tree and enjoy the good things in life. The boogie man is cancerous to our democracy. We all know this but we still often indulge it when he appears rather than expressing our discontent with his appearance. Going forward we need to be sure that we immediately dismiss the boogie man and don’t allow his narratives into our minds. It is of primary importance. The boogie man engages our fight or flight response to make us needlessly hate each other on behalf of some unspoken motivation that someone feels is so important that they ought to mislead people in order to achieve it. its disgusting and we need to start getting in these so called journalists faces about their coverage because their filter bubbles aren’t making clear to them what is so detestable about their actions.