Censorship State

The same people who create social media don’t let their kids use social media. Yet they feed it to everyone else’s children without remorse.

Now they are the arbiters of truth and untruth. Censorship is an authoritarian form and they are the ones using it. Whether they appear to be good people or not, they are the ones seizing independent dissent from the people.

The hubris amongst us today is truly astounding. The fall of humankind will be on all of our hands if we continue to submit to the authority of those attempting to program our minds.

If you think you know what is best for people to see and not see, you are actively attempting to manufacture other people’s perception. You are deciding that your opinions and beliefs are the only true and righteous ones to be held by humanity and thus other ideas must be suppressed. You are infantilizing humanity. you are flying too close to the sun with our collective wings and they will soon begin to burn up. If you think misinformation is bad, wait until censorship causes people to completely lose their minds and their sense of American identity.

What the people will do in response to these immoral actions will be the eye for the eye and then indeed we will all be blind.