I would like to believe this is mostly conjecture, but i have been surprised time and time again by the authoritarians since this pandemic began. If they actually do this i will actually lose my mind. Come visit me in the insane asylum or prison if the rest of you still have the right to move around freely by then. I want to say what i would do but I’d either be censored or preemptively restrained. If you support the dystopian censorship going on right now you are not my friend or my fellow American, you are my enemy. I don’t say this lightly. If this applies to you we should meet up in person sometime so i can punch the stupid out of your face a hundred or so times. If something is untrue then don’t believe it. Authoritarianism, no matter how woke it may be, is immoral. It won’t be too long after you’ve seized all power from your enemies that your supposed allies in this fight will come to censor your woke-ness the same way they’re censoring everything else.

Uh oh… i think i might have committed a thought crime just now