Mission and Important Disclosures

Mission and Important Disclosures

In case there has been any ambiguity about what this show is all about i want to clarify that for you now.

This channel is meant to paint an abstract picture of a series of events and ideas which are loosely but inextricably linked within the moving machine that is our society. I seek to ask questions and make real, tangible, and credibly sourced connections towards uncovering the secrets behind our reality.

My goal is to discover and share with you the keys to understanding our institutional structures primarily. I am intent on making people aware of the things that aren’t widely promoted about our society but are important to know. America under the surface in other words. i want to be clear that this is not a conspiracy theory channel and if anyone tells you otherwise i challenge them to be a guest on the podcast and call me out directly with a lively debate on the show because that is not what i am about. I love to consider the possibilities, but i am not here to push fear-mongering nonsense.

I am going to do my best to be right as often as i can, but i want to be clear that i find myself wrong in life just as often as anyone else. I do research for this show so i should be highly accurate with my statements, but i want to be clear that i am still human. Anything i say with reference to established literature will be cited and if there is an error in interpretation i will quickly make sure to correct what i misunderstood. I have gotten pretty good at reading peer-reviewed academic literature with total comprehension over the years so please rest assured that i intend to be a trustworthy source for you at least 99% of the time.

I am spending a lot of time emphasizing these points because i do want to be a source you can trust where you can refer to something I’ve said and then say to a friend, “such and such happened” and be confident in your statements. But no one is perfect and just like it is my responsibility to uphold the credibility of my statements on this channel, it’s also your responsibility as a citizen of this country to ensure an informed public by correcting me when i am wrong. If you want yourself and others to be able to rely on the information i present as solid and consistent source material i am going to need people to hold me accountable when i falter. I don’t have the resources to hire a team, so i am relying on you guys in the comments section for now haha!

I am sure i will make mistakes or even simply misstate something in a way that confuses the takeaway at some point and you guys leaving me comments to help me improve the accuracy of my information or even just the general quality of the show is super helpful. I really do spend a lot of time researching and making these podcasts and the feedback has made the process incredibly fulfilling for me.

So far i have not found that I’ve made any false or misleading claims on the podcast, and if i have i would appreciate you pointing out such incidents to me so i can correct them.

A lot of what i cite in this show is not peer-reviewed academic literature. Largely the show relies on news articles and videos which tend to be much less reliable than established academic literature. Corrections are often made to news articles ex post facto to publishing, so anything with reference to the news should be taken with an extra grain of salt no matter which publication i am referencing.