Both Parties Suck

Both Parties Suck

Both parties suck. No matter what your philosophical views are that push you left or right, both parties engage in pretty broad-based violations of the democratic will of their own voter base. So you end up in a devil’s dilemma where you are stuck choosing between the best of two evils. There is no reason to vote for evil even if it is with the intention of voting against a greater evil.

If someone is morally bereft in your opinion, you should feel no need to vote for them. You owe them nothing and they will do nothing for you except offer you lip service. Unless you have money or media clout that is. And i challenge anyone to prove me wrong on that point. But for now, assuming i am right about that, why do people still vote for either of the two major-party candidates when your vote is assuredly being bought and paid for through media influence peddling, shadowy financing, and subtle mental manipulation.

I want to be clear i am not trying to be condescending about who people voted for. I fully recognize the legitimacy behind the reasoning for voting for either candidate. I am simply arguing that i think there is a better strategy to take for the long-term best interests of all Americans. The infighting is literally tearing us apart and it is the people we vote for who are in large part to blame for it. They just have to keep throwing jabs at each other no matter how much it turns Americans against Americans.

To me, these politicians are a cabal of tyrants who use a “team of rivals” strategy to keep us voting for one or the other of two bad options because both options work out for the people who really pull the strings. I’m not even suggesting that either of the two candidates is truly evil. What i mean by best of two evils is that neither option raises the bar for all voting Americans.

Neither option is a person that we can feel proud of. None of them we can feel confident will lead our country into the future. They have gotten too comfortable in their positions and too good at silencing the pissed-off masses. We can no longer trust them and they need to be democratically defeated. Both parties do. They lower the bar for all of us when they act like children and it is making other Americans act as morally irresponsible as children by forcing it into our brainwaves day after day.

None of our politicians talk to the American people like they respect the American people. They talk to us like Daddy. They talk to us like we are their children or their pets who must simply forfeit all power to them because they know best. And if they can’t explain why they know best they just call it strategy, even though its actually just a lack of reasoning.