U.S. Coal Data – Geographical Chart

U.S. Coal Data: Geographical Chart

I think the most secure investment is to consider which resources you think will be most important and then go to where most of them are (or purchase them). It will probably turn out financially profitable for you if you do it right. But just having access to the resources which you think are most important is all that matters.

For those who feel uncertain about the future, what could provide better outcomes than following the resources? Secure, abundant, and strategically intermixed resources are in the end the heart of a society’s economy.

The lifeblood of an economy is perhaps intellectual prowess. I don’t know about everyone else, but even the intellectuals in my life seem to be losing a few marbles these days.

I love how many of these kinds of data websites i am finding. So i am going to be keeping my eye on states and localities with strategically placed access to resources over the next few years at least.

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