Order and Chaos (2) – The Mathematical Universe Beyond Numbers

Human will is the manifestation of God. This is obvious, even for a non-believer. It is the desire inherent in all of us to create order out of something disorderly. It is, by purely physical description, corpus callosum. But the parts must fit.

Just like in math, when new equations are created, they always reference the previous ones. Math comes out of universal truth, where two manifested parts create an understood outcome and another pulls on each independently to create a new whole out of the previous parts. The third element looks at the universe and takes in new variable information. Its the taste tester essentially. There are always three parts in a sense.

The first two parts are the answer to the equation which we already understand. We use these two parts to maintain consistency and predictability. This way we can keep moving forward in sequence without running into a stop sign.

The third element is the unknown element which observes the universe beyond that which we can currently understand and predict. That is, to think outside the box quite literally. We create a new element that can be applied to change an outcome, in the case of math, the element is numbers. In the case of this universe, that is humans. A random variable must be inserted into the equation to test if it works with the whole of the equation. If not, the equation cannot become orderly. It is no longer complete so it stays as the same equation and throws out the new part.

The only difference between math and the universal is that math is all created out of understood parts and is used to justify, within the scope of those parts, what we can comprehend. The universal takes on a new element to add to the equation that is actually beyond numbers. Because numbers by themselves are already a separately understood orderly whole. In the universal we take an uncertain, disorderly part and apply it to the whole to try to make it bigger. To expand the box so our energy can grow in a sense.

We will, I think, need a new worldly justification beyond numbers to expand the box soon. It seems to me math has gotten to about as far extended of a communicable conclusion as it can get. A new form will surely be required to maintain the kingdom of Heaven. To take on the will of God though, is a heavy burden whose labors are certain, and whose fruits are unlikely.

(In Reference to Paragraph 3 – A Tangent Potential Description In Need of Further Conceptualization) The stop sign is panic. It is a bunch of loose parts unable to move in linear sequence with one another, but  live together in a fixed box which inevitably forces them to run into each other as their energy grows with time. If a linear sequence cannot be maintained by the corpus collosum, then the only option is for the box to grow at the same pace that the two independent energies increase in variability from one another. Once the maximum capacity is reached the box explodes outward. This can be exemplified by two humans fighting with each other as well. The point where two parts, being the people, can no longer move past each other without getting in each others way, is where a fight will ensue. One part will take its path by forcing the weaker energy, or will of the other to get out of its way. Either way, the course of both will change after this in a manner I can not currently predict. This I believe, cannot be predicted though, because it seems to be that indescribable element that forms the course of humans. The will of God.