Order and Chaos (1) In the Metaphysical Universe

Order and Chaos…

I am forced to wonder if we are not already living in heaven on Earth. I mean this in the most literal of senses. How could it be that a society could rise up to erect such high respect for the human life and union of its species, out of the ashes of war? It appears to be the result of free-flowing ideas held into an organized structure. That is, that all ideas are considered until they provoke disorganized action. I can see no better way to live.

It is interesting that in the past humans have formed ideas of the next stage of higher living to be outside of our perceivable universe, that is in death. Why can we not construct this living idea here and now? We seem to have all the means to create whatever ordered pattern we like. That is, if we can agree on such an idea. I don’t know that we ever will fully agree on a singular idea that allows us absolute uniformity. I don’t know if I even hope for such a thing. For then, what is free will? But I digress to proceed with the former subject.

The manifestation of change appears to be paramount in keeping humans civil and predictable. If things stay still for too long, humans go insane and crave change so strongly that they will create it even if the means to do so is chaos. A man in a straight jacket will find the most absurd ways to move his body. Change in itself though, is not the solution to all problems, because we also need to be able to observe consistency in the world to the degree that we can predict with some level of accuracy, the way we will come into human situations. If we don’t have at least that level of order, fear is the only outcome I can imagine. Fear as we know is irrational. Fear is disorderly but is not the same as change. Change is to take a new part, or idea and apply it to the prior institutions which keep us orderly, and to test if the new variable can with time and the application of human will, that is creation, become a part of the previous whole.

Fear decides that the third element in all of us which is Creation is unattainable. Fear decides that there are only a certain few ways in which an outcome can be approached in an orderly fashion with or without a new element. None of which are desirable to the person, so they instead choose to tear down the orderly structure instead of trying to expand it. It is laziness. It is to choose to opt-out. It is generally, I think, the brain reaching its capacity to take in new information. It has either become an understood and orderly being with all parts of itself and outside of itself acting in relative union to the point where a person can still move forward without the necessity of adding new parts, or it becomes irrational and can neither add new parts nor move forward with the parts it has already taken in. So it starts to instead remove parts. Sometimes the wrong parts can tear down the constitutions of ideas that allow us to live among each other without our energy becoming too great and forcing us to bump into one another.

When those institutions are torn down, a being will intentionally charge towards another, even with plenty of space left to avoid them. They cannot see this space as anything but white noise. There must be in that thing which previously made their existence matter, some element that can make them matter again. Often times this element to make an orderly whole can be found through uniformed patterns being communicated to the person by another. This is true in the exercise of ideas, but most energy is far to great at the point when it charges towards other humans and tends to act irrationally, or in human terms, violently. Acting violently does of course, create more room in the box. More room to think, more room to act within the box, but independently of order.

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